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Conference Schedule-ICA 2023 and CIPG 2023
 Tuesday, September 12, 2023

Opening Ceremony

64th Annual World Congress - International College of Angiology &

19th Scientific Sessions of MRCP and the Iowa Chapter of the American College of Cardiology - CIPG 2023

10:00 am -12:45 pm   Registration
12:45 pm - 1:00 pm.   Presentation and Posting of the Flag. Pledge of Allegiance
  1:00 pm -1:10 pm.    Welcoming Remarks: ICA, MCRF and Iowa ACC: A Powerful Educational Force
                                    Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS, MCRF President
   1:10 pm -1:20 pm    Welcoming Remarks and Introduction to the ICA and Iowa ACC
                                    Randall W. Franz, MD, RVT, RVPI, Chairman, Board of Directors, International College of Angiology

                                    Iwan Dakota, MD, PhD, ICA President
                                    Spas Kotev, MD, Iowa ACC President

   1:20 pm - 1:30 pm.  ICA Award Presentations

                                    2023 ICA Lifetime Achievement Awards

                                    John A Elefteriades, MD, PhD (Hon)

                                    John D. Corson, MB, ChB

                                    Takao Ohki, MD, PhD

                                     2023 ICA Distinguished Service Awards

                                     Pertti Aarnio, MD, PhD

                                     Semih I. Barlas, MD

                                     Sibu P. Saha, MD, MBA

                                     Rajinder P. Sharma, MD

                                     Josef Veselka, MD, PhD

                                     2023 ICA Research Achievement Award

                                     Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS

Women in Cardiology and Heart Disease in Women
Moderators: Mahi Ashwath, MD and Spas Kotev, MD

   1:30 pm -2:00 pm    Empowering the Women Leaders of the Future
                                    Mahi Ashwath, MD
    2:00 pm -2:30 pm   Sex Differences in the Management and Outcomes of Cardiovascular Diseases

     2:30 pm -3:00 pm  Venous Disease in Women: Epidemiology, Presentation, and Treatment
                                    Shoaib Padaria, MD
     3:00 pm.-3:15 pm  Refreshment Break / Visit Exhibits
     3:15 pm -3:45 pm  Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection: Management Update
                                    Rafat Padaria, MD
     3:45 pm -4:15 pm  INOCA and MINOCA: Understanding the Pathophysiology and Management
      4:15 pm -4:30 pm  Q &A and Panel Discussion/Evaluation
      4:30 pm -5:00 pm  Keynote Address: Quality and Safety: The importance of Building a Strong Foundation

                                     Introduction By: Kurt Anderson, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Genesis Heart Institute

                                     Stephen T. DeLessio, MD and Patti Said, MSN, RN

     5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Networking Hour: Interaction with Exhibitors - Drinks and Hors d'oeuvres

      6:30 pm -9:00 pm  ICA Board Meeting Dinner (for ICA Board Members) at the Blackhawk Hotel, Downtown Davenport.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

       7:00 am -7:45 am  Registration / Breakfast/Visit Exhibits
       7:45 am -8:00 am  Welcoming Remarks 
                                      Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS

Cardiopulmonary Section

Moderators: Edmund Coyne, MD and James J. Glazier, MD

        8:00 am -8:25 am   Advances in the Management of Heart Failure
                                       Edmund Coyne, MD
        8:25 am -8:50 am.  Radial Access for Coronary Interventions
                                        Wasqas Siddiqui, MD
        8:50 am -9:15 am   Atrial Fibrillation: An Update on Management
        9:15 am -9:40 am   Pericarditis: Update on Treatment Modalities
                                       Amit Bahia, MD
        9:40 am -10:05 am. Chronic Total Occlusions (CTO): When and How to Intervene?
                                        Jon Robken, MD
      10:05 am -10:30 am  Refreshment Break/Interaction with Exhibitors

Peripheral Arterial Section

Moderators: Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS and Randall W. Franz, MD, RVT, RVPI

(Supported by the John Hanson Limb Ischemia Council at MCRF)

      10:30 am -10:50 am. Diagnosing and Screening for PAD

      10:50 am -11:20 am  Optimizing Revascularization in Chronic Threatening Limb Ischemia: The Role of Imaging

]                                        Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS

      11:20 am - 11:50 am  The ABC's of Would Evaluation and Management
      11:50 am -12:15 pm  Various Tools of Peripheral Artery Vessel Prepping: Leaving the Least Behind
                                         Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS
      12:15 pm - 1:00 pm   Lunch/Exhibitors

Preventative Medicine

Moderators: Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS and Shawna Duske, ARNP

       1:00 pm -  1:20 pm   Atherosclerosis and Low Density Lipoproteins?
                                         Peter Toth, MD, PhD
       1:20 pm -  1:40 pm.  Diabetes and the Vascular System. Reducing Complications
                                         Danita Harrison, ARNP 
       1:40 pm -  2:00 pm   Diet for a Healthy Cardiovascular System
                                         Emily Timm, RDN, LD
       2:00 pm -  2:20 pm   Can Weight Loss be Made a Bit Easier?
                                         Shawna Duske, ARNP
       2:20 pm -  2:35 pm.  Refreshment Break / Visit Exhibits

Imaging Section

Moderators: Mahi Ashwath, MD and Iwan Dakota, MD, PhD

       2:35 pm - 3:00 pm   Imaging of Venous Insufficiency
                                        Spas Kotev, MD
       3:00 pm -  3:25 pm.  Optimization of Imaging in Echocardiography
                                         Rafat Padaria, MD
       3:25 pm -  3:40 pm.  Imaging in Endovascular Therapies of Structural Heart Disease
                                         Fahed Al-Darazi, MD
       3:40 pm -  4:05 pm   Cardiac CTA and its Applications in 2023
                                         Mahi Ashwath, MD

       4:05 pm -  4:45 pm   Keynote Address: The Status of Cardiovascular Health Care Today and Tomorrow.                  

       5:05 pm                    Evaluation, CME/CE Certificate; Adjourn        
Faculty Dinner

       5:30 pm - 9:00 pm   Faculty Dinner (and one guest) at the Figge Art Museum. Museum tour starts at 5:30 pm - the Quad City Symphony Quartet and Dinner from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm. This event is free of charge for Faculty and one guest. 

                                       ​Thursday, September 14, 2023

       7:00 am -  7:45 am.  Registration / Breakfast/Visit Exhibits
       7:45 am -  7:55 am   Welcoming Remarks

                                         Randall W. Franz, MD, RVT, RVPI, Chairman, ICA Board of Directors

                                         Iwan Dakota, MD PhD, President, ICA
                                         Juergen Falkensammer, MD, ICA Program Chair

                                         Frank Manetta, MD, ICA Program Chair
        7:55 am   -8:00 am.  Welcome ICA and Housekeeping Remarks 
                                          Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS

Section 1. Aortic Disease 

Moderator: Frank Manetta, MD

         8:00 am -  8:25 am.  Cabrol Fistula for Control of Intractable, Life-Threatening Bleeding

                                           John A. Elefteriades, MD, PhD(Hon)

         8:25 am  - 8:50 am.  Thoracic Aorta Trauma in the Endovascular Era
                                           Randall W. Franz, MD, RVT, RVPI
         8:50 am  - 9:15 am   Long-Term Follow-Up of EVAR: Are We Underestimating Endoleaks?
                                          Wei Zhou, MD              
         9:15 am -  Five-Year Follow-Up of Endovascular Management in Patients with Concomitant DeBakey Type II and

                                          IIIa Aortic Dissection

                                          ​Iwan Dakota, MD, PhD            
         9:40 am -10:05 am   AAA Open or Endovascular Repair-How I Decide: Surgical Approach, Skills and Outcomes

                                           Juergen Falkensammer, MD             
       10:05 am -10:30 am   Refreshment Break/Interaction with Exhibitors

Section 2. The Venous Corner

Moderator: Petr Hajek, MD, PhD :10:50 am.  The Pulmonary Embolism Response Team: Rationale, Operation and Outcomes
                                           James J. Glazier, MD
        10:50 am -11:20 am.  Trends in the Management of Pulmonary Embolism: Historical Perspective
                                           Sibu S. Saha, MD, MBA
        11:20 am -11:50 am   Update on the Management of Venous Thrombosis
                                           Vito Damay, MD
        11:50 am -12:15 pm.  Update on the Management of Chronic Venous Insufficiency
                                            Vito Damay, MD

        12:15 pn - 1:05 pm.    Treatment of Saphenous Vein Reflux

                                            Semih Barlas, MD

        1:05 pm -  1:45 pm.   Lunch/Exhibitors
Section 3.  Coronary Artery Disease

Moderator:  John A. Elefteriades, MD, PhD(Hon)

          1:45 pm -  2:05 pm.   Phone a Friend: How to Create a Multidisciplinary ECPR Program

​                                             Frank Manetta, MD

          2:05 pm -  2:25 pm    Hybrid Approaches to the Management of Coronary Artery Disease

                                             Frank Manetta, MD

          2:25 pm -  2:45 pm.   The Role of SGLT2 Inhibitors in Reducing Cardiovascular Major Adverse Events

                                             Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS

          2:45 pm -  3:05 pm.   Reducing Cardiovascular Risk in the Diabetic with Chronic Kidney Disease

                                             Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS

          3:05 pm. - 3:25 pm.   Refreshment Break / Visit Exhibits

 Section 4.  Select Abstracts from Young Investigators and Trainees 

Moderators: Juergen Falkensammer, MD, Frank Manetta, MD, Nicolas W. Shammas, MD, MS, Randall W. Franz, MD, RVT, RVPI, Iwan Dakota, MD, PhD

          3:25 pm -  3:40 pm.   TBA

          3:40 pm -  3:55 pm.   TBA

          3:55 pm. - 4:10 pm.   TBA

          4:25 pm. - 4:45 pm.   Panel Discussion/Evaluation/Adjourn

​Industry Sponsored Symposium - Tour MississippiDistillery in Historic LeClaire

      5:30 pm - 9:00 pm.  Dinner Meeting-Non-CME Program. We begin this evening with a tour of a Mississippi Distillery in historic LeClaire, Iowa, followed by a sponsored event by Amgen with dinner from 6:30 pm - 9:00 pm at the Event Center Conference immediately adjacent to the Mississippi Distillery. The location overlooks the LeClaire Levee and Mississippi River, and is near the Buffalo Bill Museum. LeClair is home to the American Pickers and the birthplace of William F. Cody (Buffalo Bill). Space is Limited - Advance Reservations Required. Physician's Cost: Transportation to venue and cash bar. The approximate cost for non-physicians is USD $45, depending upon your entree selection. This fee will be paid on-side by the non-physician. There will be a cash bar.