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The purpose of this competition is to encourage young physicians, research fellows and trainees to engage in high quality research, which forms the basis for future achievement in the pathophysiology of disease, diagnosis and treatment. The Scientific Committee judges entries on originality, innovativeness, scientific merit, presentation and relevance. The finalist(s) will deliver a 15-minute oral presentation. The International College of Angiology reserves the right to publish the prize-winning manuscript in the International Journal of Angiology. The winner(s) will be given a cash award and one-year Associate Membership in the International College of Angiology. Previous recipients of a Young Investigator Award will be ineligible.


  • Applicant's academic rank cannot be higher than Associate Professor or Lecturer and must not have held this position for more than 3 years.
  • The scientific work is mainly the result of the applicant's effort.
  • Materials must be original, unpublished and not previously presented.
  • Only one (1) abstract submission per author will be considered. The candidate must be the sole or first author, and must be present at the Award Ceremony to receive this award.
  • The submission must be accompanied by certification from the candidate's Head of the Department or Division, attesting the candidate executed the work, that the candidate's academic rank is not higher than Associate Professor or Lecturer, and the length of time in this position.
  • Any finalist who cannot personally present their work will be ineligible for the award.
  • All finalists are required to REGISTER for the Congress in accord with our published REGISTRATION FEES and deadline dates.


  • The full manuscript MUST be submitted along with the abstract. The manuscript should conform to the guidelines for the International Journal of Angiology and should be 8 to 12 pages in length. Abstracts MUST be submitted in the format indicated via e-mail, and either on the ICA's official abstract form, or following the format thereof, as a MS Word document and NOT in PDF format.
  • A Conflict of Interest and Disclosure statement will be required when submitting an abstract. 
  • The deadline for abstract submission is 15 May 2018. Manuscripts MUST be submitted to the Scientific Committee NO LATER than 1 August 2018. Abstracts for this competition may be submitted via this website or as indicated below.

Submit Abstracts to:

International College of Angiology, Scientific Committee

Denise M. Rossignol, Executive Director

International College of Angiology

161 Morin Drive

Jay, Vermont 05859-9283 USA

ICA E-mail:


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