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ICA Young Investigators Award (early career investigators)

The purpose of this competition is to recognize outstanding endeavors by new investigators and to encourage young physicians, research fellows and trainees to engage in high quality research, which forms the basis for future achievement in the pathophysiology of disease, diagnosis and treatment. The Scientific Committee judges entries on originality, innovativeness, scientific merit, presentation and relevance. The finalist(s) will deliver a 15-minute oral presentation. The International College of Angiology reserves the right to publish the prize-winning manuscript in the International Journal of Angiology. The winner(s) will be given a cash award and one-year Associate Fellowship in the International College of Angiology. Previous recipients of a Young Investigator Award will be ineligible.
Applicant's academic rank cannot be higher than Associate Professor or Lecturer and must not have held this position for more than 3 years. The scientific work is mainly the result of the applicant's effort. Materials must be original, unpublished and not previously presented. Only one (1) abstract submission per author will be considered. The candidate must be the sole or first author, and must be present at the Award Ceremony to receive this award.
The submission must be accompanied by certification from the candidate's Head of the Department or Division, attesting the candidate executed the work, that the candidate's academic rank is not higher than Associate Professor or Lecturer, and the length of time in this position. Any finalist who cannot personally present their work will be ineligible for the award.

Professor John B. Chang Research Achievement Award

A Research Achievement Award is presented annually to a Fellow of the International College of Angiology in recognition of scientific excellence and independence in the field of cardiovascular medicine or surgery with a sustained and distinguished record of major scientific achievements. An Awardee will have already had, and are expected to continue to have, a major impact on our understanding and/or treatment of cardiovascular disease. The Research Achievement Award targets investigators at an advanced stage of an established academic career (full Professor or the equivalent).
Eligibility Criteria
• Candidates must be Fellows of the International College of Angiology in good standing for five consecutive years.
• Scholarly activity, which includes cumulative contribution, seminal article(s) or monograph.
• Significant breakthrough in an individual’s research area.
• Contribution to the training and research activity of clinical trainees, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.
Candidates are nominated by two colleagues, one of whom must be a Fellow of the International College of Angiology. The nomination should be a summary of research achievements, statement of importance of the work done by the nominee, curriculum vitae and supporting material including not more than 10 important publications and abstract.
• All submitted work will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee and presented to the ICA's Board of Directors. A 2/3 majority vote is required for approval.
• The winner of the Award will receive recognition at the Annual World Congress of the College.
• The Awardee will give a 30-minute oral presentation, in a plenary session, at the ICA's Annual World Congress.

ICA Lifetime Achievement Award

The International College of Angiology’s (ICA) Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor that the ICA bestows on one of its members. Selection for this honor recognizes an individual’s outstanding and sustained contributions both to the profession and to the ICA, as well as exemplary professional practice and leadership. The nominees' contributions shall have been sustained over a significant term of service. Nominations should be made by the President and/or other officers of the ICA in good standing. The ICA Board of Directors may also place names into nomination for the award.

Selection Criteria
The ICA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a physician who has had a lifetime of outstanding achievements in the field of cardiovascular medicine or surgery, and has served as a role model through service, research and teaching. This individual must have a career in cardiovascular medicine or surgery spanning at least twenty-five (25) years and is recognized at local, national and international levels.

Candidates for the ICA Lifetime Achievement Award should be individuals who have exhibited outstanding leadership within the specialty as outlined below and who possess exceptional personal integrity and highest standards. Each nominee must have made a lasting contribution to the practice of cardiovascular medicine or surgery over the course of his or her lifetime in the areas of health care delivery, patient care, education, or administration. Specific requirements to be considered in evaluating nominees include the following:

1.  Contributions to ICA and other cardiovascular societies
Leadership that has influenced standards and professional practice, program, governance and committee activity, and nominees would have been President or held another major leadership position in the ICA and remains a member in good standing.

2. Contributions to cardiovascular education
Has led a fellowship and trained other renown cardiovascular specialists, provided contribution to unique educational forums, e.g. post-graduate fellowships or renown post-graduate courses, organization of meetings, invited lectures, demonstrate innovation in education and the recipient of teaching awards.

3. Contributions to cardiovascular basic science or clinical research
Continued grant support
Graduate students
Member/chair of grant review panel

4. Active and productive clinical physician or surgeon

5. Special contributions to the field
Contributions that elevate the national and/or international stature of the specialty of angiology and/or cardiovascular disciplines
Regulatory, political, or governmental work that advances the specialty
Pioneering technique or concept
Device development
Process innovation
Other advancements in the cardiovascular disciplines

6. Publications
Number and quality, impact on specialty, member editorial board and an Editor of a major journal or text.

7.  Other honors received

Nomination Process
Nominations will be reviewed by the ICA Board of Directors, who will determine the award recipient. Although a call for nominations will be made annually, the award may not be awarded each year. More than one award may be made per year. The award will consist of a plaque and will be made during the ICA Annual World Congress, only when a suitable candidate(s) is nominated.

ICA Distinguished Service Award

The ICA Distinguished Service Award is a prestigious award that is conferred to an individual who has made sustained outstanding contributions to accomplishing the mission and advancing the objectives of the International College of Angiology. Candidates will be nominated by the President or a Member of the Board of Directors of the ICA. Nominations will be reviewed by the ICA Board of Directors, who will determine the award recipient. Candidates for the ICA Distinguished Service Award should be individuals who have exhibited outstanding leadership and achievement on behalf of the ICA and its principles and the pursuit of training, education and research of young physicians worldwide. This award is bestowed upon an outstanding individual in recognition of exceptional merit and contributions to the Society.