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The International College of Angiology requires that audiences at the College's educational programs be informed of a presenter's (moderators, speakers, faculty, authors, contributors and planners) academic and professional affiliations, as well as other commercial relationships relevant to the content of the material that is presented. This policy allows the listener/attendee to be fully informed in evaluating the information being presented. The situations may include but are not limited to 1) stock options or bond holdings in a for-profit corporation or self-directed pension plan, 2) research grants, 3) employment (full or part time), 4) ownership or partnership, 5) consulting fees or other remuneration received by the presenter or his/her immediate family, including support that may be provided to attend the educational meeting, 6) non-remuneration received by the presenter or his/her officer, board member, trustee, or public spokesperson. The disclosure will be shown as an indication (by an **) for those presenters who have stated that a relationship(s) exists relevant to the topic(s) being discussed. Indicate any author(s) who has a possible conflict of interest (see policy statement) by two (2) asterisks (**) next to that author(s) name in the heading of the abstract.

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