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The International College of Angiology achieves dissemination of scientific information through its teaching activities which center about clinical, diagnostic and therapeutic symposia, seminars and workshops. Such teaching conferences are held several times each year worldwide. The Annual World Congress brings together physicians from all parts of the world, whose scientific and daily activities are concerned with circulation, enabling them to improve their everyday practice by the exchange of new research findings. Papers presented at our Annual World Congress are submitted for publication consideration in the official journal of the College, the International Journal of Angiology. Those papers accepted for publication in our journal, thereby permanently record the information presented at our Annual World Congress, and are available for use as an education resource for those physicians and scientists unable to attend a particular congress. The teaching efforts of the International College of Angiology concentrate on continuing medical education programs wherein it has made a most significant contribution.

Membership is the core around which the International College of Angiology is constructed. Membership in the College offers a direct means for individual, professional and scientific enrichment. It also provides the opportunity to utilize the support and resources offered by international associations, as well as to permit input into shaping and molding the specialty of angiology.

The changing character of community health services worldwide necessitates that we perfect the role of the angiologist at both the international and local level. The International College of Angiology assumes the responsibility to provide a comprehensive program for both the definition and training of the angiologist, as well as to speak for the specialty worldwide and to develop a program for accomplishing these objectives.  The emerging needs of present day clinical practice require that we formulate new definitions for angiology as well as prepare an updated profile of the angiologist.

Recent surveys have indicated that primary angiologic procedures are performed in current practice by different medical specialists. The technological advances in recent years require that we reinforce our own programs to expand the awareness and knowledge of these specialized techniques required for improved patient care, and that unified approaches occur.

Young Investigator Award Competition

Each year at the Annual World Congress, the International College of Angiology sponsors one or more Young Investigator(s). The purpose of this competition is to encourage young physicians, research fellows and trainees to engage in high quality research, which forms the basis for future achievement in the pathophysiology of disease, diagnosis and treatment.

The Young Investigator Awards are presented at the Annual World Congress of the International College of Angiology. The Scientific Committee judges entries on originality, innovativeness, scientific merit, presentation and relevance. The finalist(s) deliver a 15-minute oral presentation. The International College of Angiology reserves the right to publish the prize-winning manuscript in the International Journal of Angiology. The winner(s) are given a cash award and one-year Associate Membership in the International College of Angiology. Previous recipients of a Young Investigator Award Competition are ineligible.

Professor John B. Chang Research Achievement Award

A Research Achievement Award is presented annually to a Fellow of the International College of Angiology in recognition of knowledge in the field of cardiovascular medicine or surgery. Candidates must be a Fellow of the International College of Angiology in good standing for at least five (5) consecutive years. The candidate must demonstrate scholarly activity, which includes cumulative contribution, seminal articles or monograph, significant breakthrough in the individual's research area, and contribution to the training and research activity of clinical trainees, post-doctoral fellows and graduate students.