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Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund

The family of the late Prof. John B. Chang, MD, FACS, FICA, has established an endowment through the ICA Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund. Dr. Chang touched an enormous number of personal and professional lives worldwide and to honor his memory and legacy and the founding principles of the International College of Angiology, the ICA has established a Professor John B. Chang Young Investigator Research Award from those funds received through the Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund. His encouragement was always personal and directed toward a common but realistic goal.

Dr. Chang's principles and leadership have influenced all those who knew him.  Making a contribution to award a young physician, research fellow or trainee is the best way to remember John and perpetuate his legacy of motivating young physicians in the field of cardiovascular medicine and surgery. Through this memorial fund, the ICA will have an opportunity to cultivate the intellect, fresh ideas and new perspectives that young physicians and researchers have to offer and assist them in exploring their interests and applying their talents to diverse scientific forums. The future of our healthcare providers lie in the hands of young physicians and surgeons.

Each year at the Annual World Congress, the International College of Angiology through the Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund will sponsor one or more young investigators. The purpose of this competition is to encourage young physicians, research fellows and trainees to engage in high quality clinical and basic research, which forms the basis for future achievement in the pathophysiology of disease, diagnosis and treatment in the cardiovascular disciplines. Awardees are selected through a strict, scientific peer-review process. The winner or winners will be selected by our Scientific Committee and presented with a research award at the Annual World Congress of the International College of Angiology. Each recipient will be given a cash award and one-year Associate Fellowship in the International College of Angiology sponsored by the Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund.

Your contribution to the Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund will help keep Dr. Chang's dreams alive.

Please download the contribution form below. If you have any questions, please call the International College of Angiology Executive Office at 802.988.4065 or email at  The ICA-Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund Tax ID Number is: 27-0822586.


Make your check payable to: ICA-Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund.  Checks can be mailed along with the contribution form to:

International College of Angiology

Attn: Professor John B. Chang Memorial Fund

161 Morin Drive

Jay, Vermont 05859-9283


Keeping Prof. John B. Chang's Dream Alive!

It is with great appreciation that we thank our generous donors listed below.

We are greatful for your generous support!

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